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February 13, 2022

Meet the Tandem Arbor Dining Collection

Explore Tandem Arbor’s collection of dining chairs!

There’s no question the best relationships and friendships are forged over a good meal. Given that, a dining room should embody two things: the essence of delicious food and great conversation. Now, how is this inviting space created? Through the combination of art and decor, colors and patterns, and furniture a unique dining space can be crafted to tell a story, promote storytelling within it and reflect the personality of the homeowner. The “furniture” piece of that puzzle is where Tandem Arbor comes in.

Over the last seven years we’ve worked on creating a line up of dining chairs ranging in style, budget and size. From modern to classic to vintage, each Tandem Arbor chair comes with its own personality - hence why we named them after our best friends, all of whom we would want at our next dinner party. Question is: who do you want at your dinner party? Get to know our dining chair options below!

The Abigail Collection

Abigail is regal and petite, yet her stature doesn’t stop her from making a statement right when she walks in the door, just like her chair. Accented with nail tacks on the arms and bottom edge, plus angled legs for stability, the Abigail Dining Chair possesses details that won’t quickly be forgotten.

Customize The Abigail Dining Chair

The Aleksandar Collection

Aleksander is a serial entrepreneur living in the big apple. Just as his career indicates, he is all about business, but finds that he loves kicking back with friends over delicious food and drinks. His chair, The Aleksander, could not be more fitting for him. Available in a fully upholstered silhouette or with wood legs and with the details of the piping edges being minute, this chair is stately in it’s no-frills appearance.

Customize The Aleksandar Dining Chair

The Caitlyn Collection

Caitlyn is whimsical in every meaning of the word. In fact, most of her friends envy her “dreamer” personality - no country is too far for her to travel to, no goal is too big for her to achieve. She is the perfect balance of playful, elegant and sophisticated, just like the chair reserved for her at dinner parties, The Caitlyn. Whether needing to tone down a modern dining room or searching for the perfect chair to add to a whimsical space, this chair, featuring flared legs and feminine curves, is your girl.

Customize The Caitlyn Dining Chair

The Juliet Collection

Say hello to Juliet, the queen of dinner party hostess gifts. It’s often something exquisite from her grand travels around the globe, but don’t let her lifestyle fool you, she is grounded and refined, as is her chair, The Juliet. At first glance, this chair is sophisticated with grand appeal and a modern flair, but after getting to know it, you realize it offers ultimate comfort.

Customize The Juliet Dining Chair

The Nina Collection

Nina is a fashion mogul and the epitome of a “fashionista”. Always up on the latest trends, yet timeless at the same time. Whenever she leaves her home, she is full of style and pizzazz, which is the exact mood she brings to a dinner party. Her chair, The Nina, is no exception. With a curved wingback in a grand scale, decorative tufted nail trim and tapered legs, there is no shortage of style or pizazz.

Customize The Nina Dining Chair

The Serena Collection

Serena is a classic beauty and a guest-list must for all dinner parties. If you’re lucky enough to have her, she’ll grace your home with both a personality that comes off as effortlessly chic. Her beauty is natural and you’ll never catch her trying too hard, just like The Serena Dining Chair. It is the definition of a classic with a perfectly sloped arm, high back, and fitted waterfall skirt. With built in comfort and support via a lumbar pillow and thick seat cushion, your guests will sink in and not want to leave.

Customize The Serena Dining Chair

Tandem Arbor has designed a style fit for any dining room. Are you ready to invite one of these personalities to your next dinner party? To customize your favorite dining chair, choose the collection that resonates most with you then choose your upholstery. Start designing now or chat with one of our furniture stylists!

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