Our Story

Photo of Jana Garvin - Founder of Tandem Arbor

Founded in 2015, Tandem Arbor was created to address the shortcomings of the ready-made furniture industry: lack of customization, poor quality, and extensive lead times. With a background in commercial interior design, and an on-going need for large quantities of lounge furniture in a very specific brand color, I repeatedly found that vision was being sacrificed due to the shortcomings of the readymade furniture business. When it came to buying upholstered seating, options were very limited. Finding fifty identical sofas in a brand's vintage leather, in five different lengths for each site, becoming almost impossible to source.

The demand for more variety among readymade furniture sent me to the furniture capital of the USA, High Point, NC. I was mesmerized by the assortment of products available and all of the talented craftsman. As an avid shopper, I couldn't believe that so much of this was not accessible to the everyday consumer.

Once we determined that we could successfully offer bespoke, high quality, affordable, American made furniture to the everyday consumer, Tandem Arbor was born. Tandem Arbor pairs quality engineering with technology, as a means to offer an extensive collection of custom made to order furniture. So we are here today to work with you to customize and build that perfect piece, that will also be the perfect fit.

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