Style Files

A collection of creative and inspirational thoughts on interior design, home decor, and more!

Insider Perspective

Lesley Myrick Interior Design on Busting Out of Your Boring Home

Jewel tones and bold patterns describe Lesley Myrick’s design style. Learn more about her!

Insider Perspective

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Options for Disposing of Furniture

How to get rid of unwanted furniture.

Style Guide

A Guide to Choosing Your Furniture’s Upholstery

How to decide the best upholstery for your furniture!

Design How-To

Spring Cleaning Tips to Achieve a Sparkling Home

How to come home to a house that sparkles this spring!

Behind The Scenes

Meet the Tandem Arbor Dining Collection

Explore Tandem Arbor’s collection of dining chairs!

Behind The Scenes

Fabric 411 with Morgan Fabrics

Learn all about fabric options in our exclusive interview with Morgan Fabrics!

Style Guide

Gift Guide for Home Decor Enthusiasts

Tandem Arbor's best home decor gift ideas for the holiday season!

Behind The Scenes

Leather 411 with Crest Leather

Learn all about leather and tanneries with our exclusive interview with Crest Leather!

Insider Perspective

Atelier Interior Design on Colorful, Vibrant Design

"Color, Pattern, Culture" expertly defines Atelier Interior Design. Learn why.

Behind The Scenes

Meet the Tandem Arbor Bed Collection

Explore Tandem Arbor's wonderful selection of beds!

What's In

Going Bold, Going Dark

Bold colors are IN!

What's In

Sectioned Sectionals

All about the advantages and design decisions with sectionals!

Behind The Scenes

The Glitz & Glamor of (Accessible) Custom Furniture

Working on the perfect fit!

Design How-To

Invoking Intimacy Through Home Decor

Intimate and inspirational thoughts on interior design.

Behind The Scenes

The Furniture Capital: North Carolina

A history of North Carolina and furniture!

Design How-To

Azure Allure

The versatility of blue!

Architecture & Design

Angled Edges & Innovative Design

When you hear “innovative design”, what comes to mind?

Design How-To

Create a Seasonal Home that Easily Adapts

Who doesn’t love a good a reason to do some redecorating?

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