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November 14, 2022

An Interview With C+A Interiors

C+A Interiors is all about timeless luxury. Learn more about the brand!

“While trends go in and out of style, good taste is timeless!” - C+A Interiors

C+A Interiors, based in Denver, CO, is a full-service, luxury interior design firm that takes projects from concept to completion. Not only does the Owner and Lead Designer, Ashley Larson Eitemiller, care about how your home looks, she also cares about how it lives. By bringing both functionality and an everlasting look to every project, C+A Interiors has created a distinct style that is fresh, sophisticated, and classic with meticulous attention to every single detail.

For a deep dive into the C+A Interiors brand, Ashley’s thoughts on custom furniture, and how she ensures the final design is all about her client’s style, rather than hers, read our interview below!

Q: How did you decide you wanted to not only be an interior designer, but also open and run your own firm?

A: My father built high-end custom homes for 40 years, so I grew up in the industry, making it really easy to fall into. Originally, I was at a high-end showroom, John Brooks, which gave me an inside look into how high-end interior designers work with manufacturers and vendors. After that experience, I knew I wanted to start my own business.

I’ve used my upbringing and background to tie construction and architecture aspects into what I offer via C+A Interiors. We work closely with our clients, of course, but we also have the expertise to work closely with contractors/builders and architects to ensure the whole home or project is a reflection of our client’s lifestyles and needs.

Q: How would you describe your design style? What inspires your overall style and design decisions?

A: Clean and transitional! I design for my clients, meaning everything I do is meant to be a direct reflection of them. For example, it’s beautiful when everything is brand new, but if a client has an heirloom piece, we love to incorporate it to invigorate their home with their personality and style. Also, the cool thing about high-end interior design is that every home is different, so there isn’t a formula you can apply to each project.

Q: How do you balance aestheticism and functionality?

Answer: I take a deep dive into discovering how my clients are going to use each of their spaces, then create a beautiful design that is also function-forward. Quality fabrics that are easy to clean really come into play when thinking about look and function.

Q: A balance of the seven elements of design (shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture) is vital to every scheme, but which do you favor in the design process?

A: Space! Because everything originates there. The original design plan comes from space and from that, you can start to pick away at pieces and details, where they will be placed, and how they will pair together. Space makes visualizing possible and then from there you’ve set the groundwork to get into the details.

Q: When you think about all the beautiful transformations you’ve created, do you have one that stands out as your favorite?

A: Any homes that were completely custom! Starting from scratch with the architect or builder - picking floor outlets, stone for exterior, faucets, tile, finishes - all of that, I just love to do. Also, whenever I get the chance to do a high-end remodel in which we take everything down to the studs and start over, is really exciting.

Q: We are in the business of custom furniture, so we’d like to pick your brain on furniture a bit. When designing a living room, what piece of furniture do you select first?

A: Usually the sofa or sectional, essentially, the biggest main piece. Once I get the biggest piece out of the way, I can select everything around and under it, such as the rug.

Q: What are your “rules” for selecting a sofa?

A: My “rules” are to make a selection based on how my client will use the sofa and what their needs are. With each client meeting, I dissect how they live in their space (or plan to) and the main rooms they gravitate towards. I also take into account how they sit on their sofa. Do they prop their feet? Do they sit up straight or like to sink in? The sofa style, size, depth and comfortability are all determined based on the answers to these questions. I want homeowners to use each corner of their home and love it, therefore it’s important to start with what they need and want.

Q: How do you decide on sofa upholstery? (ie, do you match a rug, match it to paint, etc)

A: I’ll admit, I’m a fabric snob! I’ve had the pleasure of growing up learning about mills and quality. After space planning is done, a big part of the design is pulling the fabrics together as a whole and at the same time - rugs, drapery, sofa upholstery, etc. I make the sofa upholstery selection by looking at these pulled together fabric options, the overall aesthetic, the flow from room to room, and durability.

Q: What Tandem Arbor piece is your favorite and why?

A: I like the Mercer Sofa and Madison Sofa! I’m drawn to the thinner arm that each has as they bode well for a formal space.

Q: How have you incorporated Tandem Arbor (ex: the Madison Sofa) into your projects?

A: I recently used a Tandem Arbor sectional in the great room of a project. The value and price point that Tandem Arbor offers for custom and bespoke is exceptional.

Q: As an interior designer, what is your favorite part of the process? What makes you most excited about what you do?

A: Install day or week! I love thinking about a project for years and seeing it come to fruition. Placing every element where I’ve seen them in my head is thrilling. There’s just something about delivering a home that my client’s have instilled so much trust into me to create for them!

Interested in chatting with C+A Interiors about creating a home that is unique and tailored-to-you? Visit their website to contact Ashley!

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