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May 07, 2021

Azure Allure

The versatility of blue!

FUN FACT: The color blue or “Azure”, as we like to call it here at Tandem Arbor, has a rich and interesting history. Believe it or not, about 6,000 years ago humans began to create blue colorants of varying shades. At that time, the color was rare and difficult to make, therefore it was expensive and in most cases, only afforded to royals. The first known use of blue came from the semi-precious lapis lazuli stone found in Afghanistan. Sounds truly royal, right? Over time, the allure of azure migrated and different cultures found their own way of creating the color. Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans – all were enthralled with the relatively new color and created new shades of their own.

We can’t say we blame them as - even today, blue remains the color of choice for many people and is considered excellent for home décor. History lesson over! Let’s talk about what we know best and give you tips on how to incorporate the allure of azure in your home.

Azure In Interior Design

Blue is versatile and considered both a cool and warm color, making it great for use in interior design. The appearance of the sky and ocean within particular lighter shades of blue instantly brings peace to the mind. Not all shades of blue have the same psychological effect though – darker shades are known to stimulate the mind intellectually as opposed to the effect of lighter shades. Can you see why blue is used extensively in households where intellect and peace are thriving?

If you’re into playing mind tricks, blue is a color worth taking advantage of depending on your space. For instance, if you’re living in a sunny region, you can use blue to make the space you’re designing feel cooler. Of course, the use of the color doesn’t lower the temperature, but it can provide that feeling. You can also use blue to create the illusion of a larger space if you have a cramped room. In both cases, azure comes to the rescue!

Azure Pairings

Tandem Arbor’s favorite azure pairing is mixing up all hues of the color to provide great contrast and dimension. Here are ideas directly from our design experts on how to utilize numerous blue hues in one area:

  • Paint the living room or dining room walls light blue, but make up for it by using rich, deep blues in the furnishings or decorations. A rich blue shade in velvet fabric for an ottoman or table ottoman as shown in the Hudson collection would be great for such a room. Alternatively, you can make use of wooden décor to balance out the light blue of the walls.
  • The bedrooms and the kitchen walls look nice with a darker shade of blue, such as navy blue, which is best paired with white, cream, or off-white colors for the furnishings. A nice corner chair in white chenille fabric, as shown in the Varick collection, is a wonderful addition to the bedroom.

See, the opportunities for azure pairings are endless! We suggest allowing yourself to get creative and remember to take note of the mood of the room as you’re designing. After all, the power of the color blue is in the mood and feeling it evokes.

Azure Going Bold, Or Soft

If bold is the name of your game, other great color combinations to try are: yellow and blue, orange and blue, green, and blue. For softer themes, consider light shades of blues with soft greens and lighter browns. If you want to be extra daring and different, you can even try pairing blue with reds and pinks - this color combination works well for color blocking. For example, you can try out any of the furniture pieces in the Ludlow collection in a blue chenille or linen fabric with the cushions in contrasting colors. When you are opting for a bold and clashing color combination, make sure that the proportion is around 80 to 20, otherwise, it will run the risk of looking gaudy.

With such wonderful and expansive shades, blue can bring peace, calmness, stimulation, thoughtfulness, and coolness to your home, all with the right mixing and matching. Next time you’re decorating a space, Tandem Arbor suggests giving in to the allure of azure!

Would you like to get started on your custom, made in the USA piece from Tandem Arbor? Contact one of our furniture specialists today!

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