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May 11, 2022

Lesley Myrick Interior Design on Busting Out of Your Boring Home

Jewel tones and bold patterns describe Lesley Myrick’s design style. Learn more about her!

As you’ll find out, “playfully polished” is the term Lesley Myrick, owner and Principal Designer of Lesley Myrick Interior Design, uses to describe her design style. Lesley Myrick Interior Design, or LMID, is an Atlanta-based interior design studio seen in InStyle, MyDomaine, and many others, that caters to high-achieving mothers who cherish their family, but may not feel the same love for their home. Through adventure, organization, and connection, Lesley brings playfully polished, anything-but-boring, and creative ideas to her clients around the country.

For a deep dive into the Lesley Myrick Interior Design brand and her thoughts on custom furniture, check out our conversation below!

Q: How would you describe your current design style? How has it evolved over time?

My design style is “playfully polished”. I love designing with rich jewel tones and bold patterns. Neutrals aren’t the only way to get a sophisticated space; Interiors can be colorful and fun while still being sophisticated and put-together.

Q: You’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, yet offer your interior design services across the country. What trends do you see across the country and do you pivot your style to different locations?

I’ve lived all over the US and Canada, and have traveled quite a bit internationally too, so these experiences have definitely shaped my design aesthetic. While I love scrolling Instagram and flipping through design magazines for new ideas, I’m really not concerned with trends for the sake of trends. If I dig something, I’ll definitely start incorporating it into my work (I’m loving colorful painted moldings and trim right now,) but I never jump onto a trend just because it’s a thing. If a potential client comes to me wanting an all-white shiplap room in the modern farmhouse style, we’re probably not a fit together. My intent is to make it clear on my website, social media - anywhere I have a visual presence - what my style is. I tend to attract clients who like things done a little differently and design trends aren’t usually part of the discussion.

Q: Your mantra is “bust out of boring”. How do you approach achieving this for your clients? What do you do if a client is hesitant to venture outside of their comfort zone?

Connection is one of our core values at Lesley Myrick Interior Design, and the relationship between an interior designer and client has to be a great fit for a project to be a success. If a potential client is nervous about making a design decision or is uncomfortable with being nudged outside of their comfort zone, then I’m not the right designer for them and I’m happy to refer them elsewhere and connect them with a designer that can better meet their needs. My ideal clients embrace the idea of “busting out of boring” and are excited to see what I can create for them!

Q: Your target clients are high-achieving mothers that have a full life. What makes you so passionate about designing a gorgeous home for the women that fall into this population segment?

Just like my ideal clients, I’m also a working mom with a busy schedule and a full life. I’m a bit of a control freak and would love to do everything myself (ha)!, but I’ve learned the value of hiring professionals to take care of the things that aren’t in my “zone of genius” and free up my time so that I can do what I love. Just like I’m happy to invest in a great CPA to take my income tax worries off of my plate, my clients want to get their home projects off of their to-do lists and are thrilled to invest in a designer to create the hotel-worthy retreat at home that they’re dreaming of.

Q: We are in the business of custom furniture, so we’d like to pick your brain on furniture a bit. What is your favorite Tandem Arbor piece and how would you customize it to be the perfect fit (skirt it, add piping, make it curved, etc)?

I love the Lafayette Poster Bed - a fully upholstered four-poster bed is so unique! I’d love to either add a nailhead detail with solid-colored upholstery or upholster it in a funky patterned fabric.

What is your go-to sofa style for timeless impact that doesn’t lack in design or personality?

A tufted chesterfield-style sofa is an all-time favorite of mine. I love to upholster them in either a rich jewel-toned velvet or yummy cognac leather.

Do you like to upholster furniture in a pattern or do you tend to stick to solid colors? Do you mix and match solids and patterns in order to “bust out of boring”?

Since a sofa is such a large investment piece, I tend to stick to solid fabrics or leather and bring interest with accent pillows. But for chairs, anything goes! I love to upholster tub chairs and dining chairs with a contrasting patterned fabric on the back for a fun surprise, and that way the seat can be upholstered in a durable performance fabric or leather (which moms love!).

When you’re sourcing furniture for a project, are there craftsmanship details or features you always look for?

With custom upholstery, I always prefer to source US-made pieces with quality construction methods so that my clients get the most of their investment with a one-of-a-kind piece that’s built to withstand family life. And working with a reputable company is important to me - I need to be able to stand by the pieces I’m recommending for my clients.

Do you often have to turn to customizing furniture in order to achieve the design concept you have in mind?

Absolutely. I work with many clients who have large or unique spaces and custom upholstery allows us to create a design that’s perfect for the architecture of their home and their lifestyle. I’ve done a 14’ curved sectional in performance fabric for a client that hosted large groups at her house weekly, and an 11’ long leather sectional for clients with a generous second living room (a standard length would’ve looked ridiculously small!). Customizing key pieces really allows the entire design plan to shine and for the end result to be outstanding.

Q: When you think about all the beautiful transformations you’ve created, which most embodied the Lesley Myrick brand, mission and style?

I recently completed the design for a guest house here in Macon, GA, and since I was able to be involved from the beginning with the architect, the outcome is going to be amazing! Being able to create a cohesive design for an entire home is ideal and allows us to consider every element from top to bottom, from paint color to pillows.

How can people find and follow Lesley Myrick Interior Design?

You can learn more about working with us and download our brand-new free resource guide, 10 Questions to Ask Before Starting A Home Remodel Project, at We’re also active on Instagram and Facebook and would love to connect with you!

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