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March 19, 2021

Create a Seasonal Home that Easily Adapts

Who doesn’t love a good a reason to do some redecorating?

One of our favorite aspects of seasons changing is that we have the chance to reflect it in our homes. Who doesn’t love a good and legitimate reason to do some redecorating? Your significant other really has no leg to stand on if they try to fight you on it or plead that it’s not really necessary. You just have to remind them that you’re entering spring and the last thing you want is to have your home feeling like autumn, right?

We know this because when winter approaches, we are the first ones waiting to run to the nearest nursery and grab some fresh garland to don our fireplaces and stairways. The same goes for summer. As the warmer months approach, we love to decorate with fresh flowers and pops of color that scream happiness and sun. Whether you want to bring in festive feelings around each holiday or just want your space to reflect what the mood is outdoors, Tandem Arbor has all the tips on how to create a seasonal home that easily adapts.

Permission to Bring the Outdoors In

Each season has its own style and distinct beauty. One of the easiest ways to transition your space between the seasons and align with each season’s specific feeling and style is to bring the outdoors in. During the winter, many of us automatically do this by putting up a Christmas tree. To take this one step further, you can layer in other greenery, such as garland, or textured wood tones that give off a natural, wintery feeling. You’ll find styling these items around a fireplace, entryway, or on the front porch will pack the most punch and be the easiest to transition as a new season approaches.

Another great example of bringing the outdoors in is utilizing fresh flowers or house plants that thrive in the spring and summer. Both of these seasons are all about color and giving off a feeling of lightness and freedom. Fresh flowers from your local florist, or ones you pick yourself, are a great way to bring the outside feelings of fun and light into your home. An added bonus is that your home will be smelling glorious - we love the natural smell of fresh flowers flooding our spaces!

Go Ahead, Buy Those Seasonally Colored Textiles

If you’d rather stay away from adding seasonal decor elements, such as bats on your wall around Halloween, you can stick to bringing the season to your home with your textiles. Yes, this may mean you end up with several different throw blankets for your one couch, but hey, who’s counting anyway?

When you’re picking out your seasonal textiles, you want to focus on colors that represent each season. For instance, a plaid throw blanket or pillow that uses brown, orange, and red is perfect for autumn when we start to get into hibernation mode and enjoy those fun fall things, like a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. A white throw blanket or pillow, maybe even with a little bit of fur, is perfect for when the weather gets even frostier. We’re imagining you and your family snuggling up in front of the fire with these textiles with hot chocolate in hand.

What’s great about textiles is that they have the power to totally transform a space, but they are also great when it comes to setting a mood or feeling, which is half the battle of a well-designed space.

It's All About Texture

We started to touch on this in our last point, but we’re going to really hammer it home here. You could certainly stop at bringing in seasonally colored textiles to transition from season to season, but if you want to take it one step further and really test your inner interior designer, you can also focus on textures. Believe it or not, along with being picked up by our sense of touch, texture is also picked up by our eyes. When our eyes and sense of touch register a texture, we align it with a certain feeling and mood. We suggest lightening up your textures in the summer and in the winter, we say go cozy with furs and large, fluffy blankets.

No Room for Knick-Knacks

So far we’ve only talked about “dos”. Now, we’re going to hit on a “don’t”. Certain decorating stores, such as Hobby Lobby, lure people in with their seasonal options. I mean seriously, they are pros at transitioning and offering exactly what you think you may need to amp up your space each season or holiday. Their seasonal section seems to go on for miles.

Although Hobby Lobby is great and has some true gems, we want to warn you against getting too knick-knacky with your seasonal decor. Instead of coming home with 10 to 20 little knick-knack items, it’s better to go with bigger and nicer items, but not as many of them. Not only are you more likely to reuse the bigger and nicer items year after year, but they also tend to work so much better for your home. Knick-knacks go out of style quickly. You’ll step into the seasonal section of a store this year and realize the knick-knacks you bought last fall won’t work for this fall. Save yourself the money and the headache and buy seasonally decorative pieces that will last. How does that saying go… quality over quantity?

As we were writing this, we could smell the scents and feel the mood of each season. We may or may not be ready for spring and summer over here. Seasons changing every few months give us a wonderful opportunity to make some decor changes to our home and challenge our design-savvy. It allows us to keep our spaces fresh by switching things up and introducing a new mood or feeling. Again, hard for our significant others to argue with that, right? It’s the same concept as “new year, new you”, but instead it’s “new season, new home”. We hope you have fun with bringing the season’s festivities into your home as the weather transitions. As with all interior design and decorating, it’s important to just do what you love. After all, it is your home and you should love the glitz and glamor that make it up.

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