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March 04, 2022

Meet Tandem Arbor’s Newest Bed Collection

Explore Tandem Arbor’s nine newest bed styles - fit for any design vision!

Since opening our doors in 2015, Tandem Arbor’s upholstered bed options have been the same… that is, until now. This month, we are excited to reveal nine new high-style, modern, sophisticated, plush, approachable beds to customize to your exact desires! Whether you are looking for a classic silhouette or something more vintage, our new bed collection, named uniquely after our favorite NYC parks, has you covered. Wondering which NYC park (aka, Tandem Arbor bed) best fits your style? Get to know our newest collection below!

The Bryant

Bryant lives up to it’s Irish-inspired, NYC park name as it’s an honorable, virtuous hidden gem you visit when needing to feel grounded. Bryant sits humbly in the city with an understated appearance, yet has a touch of elegance you can feel as you walk upon the grass. Bryant isn’t overpowering in any sense, but this specific spot still rules and is well known.

Customize The Bryant Bed

The Boyd

If you’re craving a place to let your imagination wander, Boyd is the location to escape to. Just like the bed, this particular park is soft and inviting with noticeable peace, balance and order - the perfect setting for a wandering mind to get creative and feel the inspiration

Customize The Boyd Bed

The Highline

If you’ve been to NYC, you’ve surely heard of the Highline, an elevated freight line transformed into a park on Manhattan’s West Side. Being the only park of its kind in the big apple, it’s no surprise that the Highline is known for pushing boundaries and distinguishing itself amongst the rest with unmatched sophistication

Customize The Highline Bed

The Roxborough

Are you looking for a unique spot that invites you in for glorious sites to see while forcing you to relax at the same time? Look no further than Roxborough. Like a vacation magnified to include all the trappings - Roxborough allows your mind to wander and your eyes to continually dart across beautiful sites and scenes.

Customize The Roxborough Bed

The Prospect

Prospect is a centerpiece, a commander. This special NYC spot always presents itself as put-together and tailored to perfection. If your mind is on business and success, Prospect should be on your list to check out or at the very least, take a walk through.

Customize The Prospect Bed

The Mansfield

Looking for a place of comfort inside the bustling city? Mansfield is calling your name. Although located in NYC, it reminds us of cozy, secluded cabins that can be found in the middle of the mountains. When a quiet getaway is the goal, Mansfield is the answer, without a doubt.

Customize The Mansfield Bed

The Montague

The Montague is known for making its visitors feel like they’ve taken a step back in time to a magical place. Reminiscent of old-age landscape, Montague is classic and traditional in nature, with a dose of whimsical that draws you in.

Customize The Montague Bed

The Barrow

Barrow is magazine-worthy, simply put. In peak season, this park is lush and made up of exaggerated proportions no matter where you turn. You’ll feel cocooned by the nature around you which translates almost instantly to an intimate comfort.

Customize The Barrow Bed

The Lafayette

The name “Lafayette” derives from Southern France and was used to describe those living near a beech tree, which could not be more fitting for this New York City park known for its tall and strong greenery. When visiting Lafayette, you get a sense that years of memories have been made on the grounds, giving this particular location a sense of timeless charm.

Customize The Lafayette Bed

With Tandem Arbor’s new bed collection, we’ve designed a style fit to match any design vision. Are you ready to invite one of these luscious, comforting spots into your home? To customize your favorite from the new bed collection, choose the silhouette that resonates most with you then choose size and upholstery. Start designing now or chat with one of our furniture stylists!

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